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Stimulate your senses

From the very first touch, the soft, silky feel of mink stimulates the senses.
Its visual appeal captures the imagination with subtle shadings and a fine luster. Nature provides many materials but it is mink that has become the most sought after of all furs. Experience the magic of mink and enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer.

Established in 1966

Family business

The Unicorn label is the flagship brand of a family mink ranching business that dates back over 50 years.

Sustainable business
Magnificent Mink

Finest Quality

For several years Unicorn Mink had achieved a number of awards. These awards confirm the superior quality of Unicorn Mink in terms of nap, color and texture.

Welfare and protection of environment

Sustainable resources

The highest standards of animal welfare and attention to the environment and natural resources are an integral part of our Mission Statement

Unicorn Marble Mink 11/01/2018

Unicorn Marble Mink

The van Ansem Group fur farm in Medford, Wisconsin, USA, produces the
highly acclaimed Marble Mink offered under the Unicorn label.  This limited, fine quality collection made its debut 2018 but its origin is traced back to many years earlier.

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Bei'an City Milan Fur wins coveted Top Lot of Unicorn Marble Mink 05/28/2018

Bei'an City Milan Fur wins coveted Top Lot of Unicorn Marble Mink

International fur buyers at the May 2018 auction at NAFA in Toronto voted the Top Lot award for male mink in the brown category go to UNICORN USA, for their very distinctive and fine quality Marble Mink.

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Unicorn Mink is offered for sale exclusively at North American Fur Auctions (NAFA) in Toronto, Canada.

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