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Whilst there is a magic and mystery in the name Unicorn, there is no mystery when it comes to the production of this top quality mink. The Unicorn label is the flagship brand of a family mink ranching business that dates back over 55 years. It all began with a deep passion for fur, a dedication to quality and a vision to the future.

In 1964 Jan van Ansem developed an interest in mink and purchased 60 females which he kept in a shed behind his house in Milheeze, The Netherlands. It was not long after this that he married and decided that mink ranching was his destiny. Increasing his breeding stock to 230 females in 1966, the family business was officially established. Less than a decade later, Jan had expanded his herd by ten fold and secured his first feed kitchen to guarantee the best feed for his mink.

Jan and Maria van Ansem had three sons, Twan, John and Eric, all of whom developed a keen interested in fur farming and attended agricultural college. Whilst still in their teens, the boys began breeding their own mink, always striving to produce a finer pelt. This became a family quest and as early as the mid 1980s, Jan’s vision of creating a modern, highly efficient and environmentally friendly mink production business began to unfold.

Looking to the future and a need for farmland that would provide a ideal climate for mink; natural resources to support a feed program; a labor force with professional standards; and room for growth; Jan looked to Poland. It war here in 1991 that the first expansion of Unicorn Fur Farms took place. In years to come, John and Twan took over the helm and increased the van Ansem family holdings to onclude mink farms in the USA, Latvia and Romania.

Each of the Unicorn Fur Farms comes with a strong support system that guarantees the quality of every mink skin. Highly skilled professionals and experienced staff work closely with the second and third generations of the van Ansem family. The shared goals of producing exceptional quality mink; maintaining the highest of industry standards; and delivering complete customer satisfaction has made Unicorn Fur Farms a leader in the global fur trade.

After a half century of dedication and diligence, Jan van Ansem’s vision has come to fruition. Unicorn Mink is the brand synonymous with outstanding quality and an overall commitment to excellence in product and customer service.

Mission Statement

  • To produce the finest quality of mink possible
  • To maintain the highest standards of animal welfare
  • To protect the environment and natural resources
  • To provide high level customer service